Gold IRAs: Add Gold to Your Retirement Mix

Gold goes up and down like any other investment, but over the decades it seems to always rise. Gold’s ability to contend with political uncertainty and inflation make it a great way to insulate your retirement portfolio from the unknown. 

People wonder if investing in gold is a good way to save money for retirement without looking at how well gold has done since it was freely floated in the 1970s. In fact, investing in gold is a popular and safe way to save value over longer periods of time.

In the early 1970s, an ounce of gold traded for just $35 dollars. Today, that same ounce of gold is worth more than $1700!

The simple fact is that governments spend more than they create, which makes inflation a long-term problem. There is no debating that in the wake of COVID19, inflation is picking up, which is something to consider if you are saving for a retirement that will come in a few decades, not years.  

While most IRA investors invest in more traditional assets, such as stocks, bonds, and funds, the tax code permits investing in gold and silver, through precious metals IRA companies.

Let’s look at why people choose to open a gold IRA, and save their hard earned money with the world’s oldest currency! 

Your Goals Will Change, Gold Won’t

Because of economic crises and central bank policy, the value of currencies will slowly go down. The dot-com collapse of 2001, the mortgage implosion of 2008, the crash of 2020, do you see a pattern emerging? 

Gold is a safe haven in times of trouble. While central bankers and politicians try to retain power, the value of money falls. Sometimes quickly, and sometimes slowly, but everyone knows that inflation is a real problem. 

Physical assets have shot up in price, and gold is a safe place for people to put their money. You can ask anyone who had their money in an Argentinean bank in 1999 – gold was a much better way to ensure that you had something of value, and sometimes the worst happens. 

If the economy slows down and inflation goes up globally, savers need to have good options. A gold IRA allows you to buy gold on a tax-deferred basis, and save it for the long haul. You can take some of the money you earn every month, and put it to work in a gold IRA. 

There are many kinds of gold IRAs to choose from, and it is a totally legal way to save for your retirement. 

Make Sure Your Money is There When You Need It 

Gold is a traditional way to invest and a safe place to keep your money during times of inflation. Investing in gold or anything else requires a good understanding of the market so that you don’t just follow the crowd.

While gold doesn’t always go up in fiat currency terms every quarter, over the decades, gold has performed well. Anyone who was worried about the US dollar’s value in 1971 could’ve bought gold, and their faith in the yellow metal was well placed. 

Today, investors face similar conditions, and now there are gold IRAs to help. 

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