5th Planet Games announces launch of Hugo Up & Away

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: 5th Planet Games announced that Hugo Up & Away is now available to real money gaming fans all over the World.

A big part of Hugo’s DNA and what made him so popular is the iconic crash element from the TV game show from the 90s and this part of the Hugo story works really well in a crash game format. We are therefore now bringing this back to life but adding multiplayer elements to it, giving fans a modern twist to a classic. The title really does showcase Hugo in his original environment and that is one of the reasons we are so excited about this project.

The story-driven release sees the lovable troll Hugo navigate through perilous storms and thunderous clouds in a plane full of jewels, all while avoiding his foes’ explosive TNT balloons.

A fulfilling multiplier increases the further Hugo travels, with a delightful maximum win worth x2,500. However, should our protagonist be struck by fatal lightning, the rewarding journey comes to an end. Players must decide the best time to parachute to safety in order to earn more rewards.

To support Hugo’s companions, players can place two bets each round and utilise the title’s advantageous auto-eject features that help users receive sky-high wins.

Featuring the same mechanics as Funfairs top-performing title AstroBoomers: To the Moon!, the new title promises an engrossing casino experience.

Mark Stanger, CEO of 5th Planet Games, added: “We are excited to bring Hugo into a completely new and exciting vertical in the real money gaming space together with FunFair Games. With a crash scene being the focal point of the original TV show, we have found the perfect match in FunFair Games with their expertise in creating engaging crash-style content, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

“Hugo remains an extremely popular character in countries around the world and offering a modern twist of the original story was an opportunity we could not turn down; we look forward to introducing the game to fans old and new.”

Mark McGinley, CEO of FunFair Games, said: “Hugo Up & Away has the potential to be one of our most popular releases, with the Scandinavian franchise having gained a broad following thanks to a consistent flow of gaming and cinematic adaptations since the 90s.

“We’re delighted with the final product and have to thank 5th Planet Games for its support throughout the development process. We can’t wait for players to enjoy this vibrant title that combines elements from the original game show and harmonises it with the thrilling crash game elements.”

5th Planet Games is a video games publisher located in Copenhagen, active in games across all global platforms and devices.

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