5th Planet Games partners Funfair Games in creating a real money, multiplayer game based on Hugo IP

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: 5th Planet Games has entered into a partnership with Funfair Games in creating and publishing a real money, multiplayer game based on the Hugo IP; the game will be one of the first in the new genre of casual ‘crash’ games.

In the hit Hugo TV-game show from the 1990s one of the most popular and iconic games was Hugo flying in a red twin -prop vintage plane through clouds and storms trying to avoid a crash in order to fulfill the level, complete the mission and win the prize; recognizing this part of Hugo’s heritage Funfair Games and 5th Planet Games have joined forces to take Hugo into the future with a new fast-paced Hugo real money ‘crash’ game planned to be launched worldwide later this year.

5th Planet Games is a games developer and publisher located in Copenhagen. 5th Planet Games works with IP-driven content such as the Adventures of Tintin and with premium sports brands such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Peter Snakebite Wright and Nyjah Huston; it also has its own IP in Hugo.

Following a recent investment agreement 5th Planet Games is now working in partnership with LA-based Skybound Entertainment which will give access to IP such as The Walking Dead, Before your Eyes and Invincible.


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