WALLIX and Nozomi Networks sign technology alliance to strengthen industry cybersecurity

WALLIX and Nozomi Networks sign a technology alliance to strengthen industry cybersecurity

PARIS, FRANCE: WALLIX, a European cybersecurity software publisher and expert in Access and Identity Solutions, and Nozomi Networks signed a technology alliance to strengthen industry cybersecurity.

Nozomi Networks supports the world’s largest oil, pharmaceutical, mining, and energy providers by securing their digital transformation.

With digital transformation, industrial companies have modernized their production environment and equipped themselves with various connected machines and equipment (industrial IoT). As a result, operating technologies (OT) – hardware and software that control industrial equipment – have become part of the information technology (IT) network of industrial companies.

Today, digital transformation is accelerating for industrial operators and critical infrastructure as they address the challenges of competitiveness, sustainable development, and traceability in both consumer and global regulatory matters. The sector is making massive use of IT technologies – the Internet of Things, cloud services, Big Data Analytics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity – to optimize production costs, energy consumption, and maintenance operations, as well as to drastically reduce its carbon footprint.

However, these digital uses are now potential entry points for hackers and must be secured. Indeed, a cyberattack can lead to a partial or total paralysis of operations. But before securing these vulnerable access points, the first step is to know which equipment is connected to the industrial company’s OT and IT network.

Nozomi Networks is the leader in its market and offers solutions that provide exceptional network visibility, without affecting equipment activity. Today, Nozomi Networks’ solutions monitor over 74 million devices in thousands of facilities in the energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities, building automation, smart cities, and critical infrastructure sectors. As a result, Nozomi Networks provides its customers with immediate awareness of anomalies, cyber risks and cyber threats to which they are exposed, and it also offers detection and response to security incidents.

Once the list of assets connected to the network has been established, it is essential to secure all critical digital accesses. WALLIX PAM4OT, the unified privilege management solution for industrial environments, now integrates with Nozomi Networks’ technologies providing traceability of actions performed on connected devices, in addition to analysis and detection of suspicious behavior in the event of a cyberattack. By combining their expertise, WALLIX and Nozomi Networks now offer industrial companies an unprecedented level of cybersecurity. Together, the two leaders ensure business continuity, resilience to cyberattacks, and compliance with regulatory data protection requirements.

“Founding a technology alliance with Nozomi Networks was an obvious choice. We are both developing technologies that enable industrial companies to implement a Zero-Trust cybersecurity architecture that aims to strengthen the cybersecurity of the sector, which is so vulnerable to cyberattacks. Together, our two platforms offer unparalleled cyber threat detection and analysis power,” said Yoann Delomier, OT Team Leader at WALLIX.

“We are excited to partner with WALLIX in order to provide our industrial customers with an advanced level of cybersecurity. We can provide early threat detection and vulnerability management without disrupting production operations,” states Phillip Page, Director of Business Development and Partner Technologies at Nozomi Networks.

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