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When I was a college student, I had a dream of becoming a successful professional in my field. I knew that having a good academic record was not enough to achieve my goal. I also needed to enhance my skills and learn new things that would make me stand out from the crowd. So, I started saving money from various sources, such as giving tuition and doing temporary jobs. I wanted to invest in myself and enroll in some courses and certifications that would boost my resume and career prospects.

However, choosing the right courses was not an easy task. I did not have much guidance or mentorship from anyone. I just followed what my friends and seniors were doing, without thinking about my own interests and strengths. I ended up joining a course on stenography and another one on office management. I thought these would be useful skills for any job. But, I was wrong. These courses were not relevant to my academic qualification, nor did they match my personality and passion.

Moreover, the institutes that offered these courses were not reputed or recognized. They just took my money and gave me a piece of paper that had no value in the market. I wasted a lot of time and money on these courses, and I regretted my decision.

I realized that I had made a mistake, and I decided to learn from it. I did some research and analysis on the current trends and demands in the industry. I also consulted some experts and mentors who gave me valuable advice and feedback. I finally came up with a list of courses that I thought would be beneficial for me in the long run.

Students Of All Profiles


Whatever career you choose, you should possess project management skills. Working on projects is one of the most essential co-curricular activities you should include in your studies to build a strong profile. You can work on different projects, and they don’t need to be part of your curriculum. Working with a partner is a good idea when you pick the topic you like. The good thing about working with a partner is that you’ll share ideas, and you can also seek help from your teachers or mentors. You can also help your peers achieve their goals in specific fields. 

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) forms the foundation of every business, medical, financial, engineering, sales, educational, sporting, marketing, and other fields. No business can survive in this digital age without IT support. Therefore, the IT program from IIE MSA plays a crucial role in shaping your career in IT and beyond. To succeed in your career field, you must have relevant IT knowledge and skills to help you handle various demands of your occupation or business. 

You need to have IT skills in non-technical areas, software, hardware, multimedia technologies, and network security. IT knowledge in different areas will help you develop your management skills, and you can implement and troubleshoot computer-based systems. These skills will prepare you for success in your chosen career field.

Committee Work

You can join college committees to help you build your network with individuals who share similar interests with you. When you get into college, you will realize that you can join many clubs such as the computer club, culture and drama clubs, chemistry committee, and others. You need to pick an area of interest where you can share ideas with like-minded people. 

The good thing about these committees is that they network with bigger organizations and experts, and they also have their events. As a club, you can organize talk shows or plan to build something meaningful, and this will help you improve your social and mental capabilities. When you complete your studies and join whatever industry, you will realize that networking is an indispensable component you should possess if you want to succeed in your goals.  


Volunteering and community work are some of the skills you must possess if you want to succeed in your career. You don’t necessarily need to join a non-governmental organization, but use your spare time to do something good for society. For instance, you can help the elderly or support activities that promote a clean environment in your community. You can also work with children, women in need, or help animals and add these achievements to your profile. Community work plays a role in helping you develop a sense of responsibility.   


No matter what career field you choose, you must have entrepreneurial skills. You can use these skills to start a business or develop your personality. Apart from looking for work after college, you can become an entrepreneur and end up employing other people. Nothing can stop you from running a successful business if you can manage finances and people. You can work on one of your business ideas and use the skills to develop your profile. 

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from focusing on academics, you should also pursue other interests and hobbies outside your career. If you hone your hobbies, they can spice your profile and personality. You can consider several extracurricular activities at college, such as music, dancing, writing, horseback riding, painting, karate, and others. You should add all the activities you do outside school to your profile. Other employers look for such information, so you must include it on your resume.

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When joining any college, you already have a program that aligns with a career you want to pursue in life. Apart from focusing on your professional goals, it is vital to building a strong profile to ensure you land your dream job. You need to persuade the recruiters with a strong profile which should include different activities. Make sure you include your achievements in your profile to make it stand out from the rest. By following these tips, you can create an outstanding profile that increases your chances of getting a perfect job.  

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