Libertine Holdings signs partnership with OMI

LONDON, UK: Libertine Holdings (LSE AIM: LIB), a developer of clean, highly efficient and fuel-flexible Linear Generator technology, announced its partnership with OFFICINA MOTO ITALIA (OMI) to create downsized, power dense Linear Generator products using renewable fuels.

Based in Milan, Italy, OMI develops high performance 4 and 2-stroke engine designs for industrial, marine and vehicle applications, working with major OEM clients in the EU and Asia.

In 2021 OMI identified a market need for more efficient, cleaner, fuel flexible power generator products across a wide range of market applications including 2- and 3-wheeler hybrid powertrains and small format electrical power generators. OMI approached Libertine to collaborate on the development of small format Linear Generator products making use of OMI’s expertise in 2-stroke combustion systems and Libertine’s Linear Power Systems platform technology.

The building-sized 2-stroke engines that power shipping container vessels today are some of the most efficient engines on the planet. More commonly, small 2-stroke engines are used in scooters, chainsaws, outboard marine engines and snowmobiles where power density is key. Small format, power-dense opposed piston Linear Generators could combine the efficiency of much larger 2-stroke engines with ultra-low exhaust emissions, and the flexibility to use renewable fuels such as renewable natural gas and green hydrogen – as well as existing fuels in widespread use today.

A generic small format Linear Generator product capable of producing 3-6kWe of electrical power whilst operating on biofuels, synthetic renewable fuels such as e-methanol or green hydrogen could be used for combined heat and power generation in homes and small businesses; as an electrical power generator for drones and remote autonomous vehicles; for light 2 and 3-wheeled hybrid vehicles in regions where grid recharging infrastructure is limited; for off-grid telecoms towers working together with renewable power and battery storage; and for portable and backup electrical power generation to provide secure, reliable, clean power from renewable fuels.

Sam Cockerill, Chief Executive of Libertine Holdings, commented: “With over 40 years of experience in the development of high performance 2-stroke engines, OMI are well placed to create small format opposed piston Linear Generators using Libertine’s technology. Opposed piston Linear Generators have the potential to combine the real-world efficiency and ultra-low emissions of fuel cells with the power density and low cost of small 2-stroke engines”

Mario Pagani, Chief Executive of OMI, commented: “Our customers are looking for more efficient, cleaner and more fuel flexible power generation solutions. We identified Libertine’s Linear Generator technology platform to help us create such products. Libertine’s technology can be scaled down to small format power generators the size of swappable battery packs. Compact Linear Generators could enable the rapid hybridisation of fast-growing scooter and light 3-wheelers where recharging is not always available. We look forward to working with Libertine to offer small format Linear Generator products to our OEM clients.”

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