Recyclus ‘Halo’ battery boxes receive UN-standard safety certification

LONDON, UK: Technology Minerals Plc (LSE: TM1), the first listed UK company to focus on creating a sustainable circular economy for battery metals, announces that Recyclus Group, a 49% Technology Minerals-owned company, has been granted a UN-standard safety certification for its industry-leading battery boxes.

The battery boxes, under the brand name Halo, provide a secure solution to the challenges of safely storing and transporting Li-ion batteries, as well as a mechanism for Recyclus’ strategy for UK-wide collections of Li-ion batteries and other dangerous goods.

The battery boxes meet rigorous safety standards and have received the ADR certification P911, a requirement for transporting hazardous substances by road within Europe.

The certification confirms that the boxes adhere to UN standards (UN nos. 3090, 3091, 3480 and 3481) for the transport of damaged or defective cells and batteries liable to rapidly disassemble, dangerously react, produce a flame, a dangerous evolution of heat, or a dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive, or flammable gases or vapours under normal conditions of transport.

Receiving the certification opens new logistical market opportunities for Recyclus in the batteries sector, as the Company has demonstrated it can safely store and move batteries to UN standards. The battery boxes will be sold both in the UK market and internationally, and will also be available for short-term leasing options. It also highlights the importance of security and safety in the battery supply chain, especially with potentially hazardous Li-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries can pose a serious fire risk if mishandled. If punctured, even small ones could explode. Recent research from Eunomia Research and Consulting found that Li-ion batteries are currently responsible for around 48% of all waste fires in the UK each year, causing around £158 million in damages annually.

Should a fire occur during storage or transportation, the Halo boxes contain the event and, as a secondary measure, the boxes’ proprietary fire-smothering ‘battery pillows’ extinguish any fires and prevent the build-up of poisonous gases. In the event of a fire, the pillows are designed to fail at the source, releasing ‘pyrobubbles,’ which melt and smother the flame. This solution is safer and more environmentally friendly because it stops battery fires from releasing toxic gases.

The boxes are also designed with value and longevity in mind. The modular approach means any damaged components can be easily swapped out for ease of repair and lower costs.

Robin Brundle, Chairman of Technology Minerals, said: “It is imperative that lithium-ion batteries are handled, stored, and transported with the highest standards of safety, and we are proud to achieve this UN-standard certification demonstrating the quality and safety of our Halo box technological solution.

“As the world embraces the era of electrification, there is set to be a huge increase in demand for the logistical capability to safely store, move, and recycle batteries, and this certification opens up another revenue stream to Recyclus, both domestically and abroad, at an opportune time. Discussions with potential customers have demonstrated the level of demand for the Halo boxes and we expect to see revenues during August.”

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