DLTx acquires DSM to double existing Filecoin infrastructure

OSLO, NORWAY: DSM has officially became part of DLTx along with its three investment subsidiaries Afton Blockchain LLC, FilTech SPV LCC and Midwest Blockchain Inc.

Leveraging its resources in the US and EMEA, DSMs highly skilled technical personnel and commercially oriented management team have been leaders in the development of financial and operational models that enable funding and producing of proof of work blockchain facilities at scale.

Through the acquisition, DLTx will now have additional datacenter operations in Oklahoma and Kansas City and double it’s Filecoin mining output.

“We see huge opportunities in combining the DSM team and DLTx team’s complimentary skill sets and experiences, each filling gaps and augmenting the other – in the case of DLTx, comprehensive blockchain industry expertise and network, coupled with the financial markets and investor experience to enable significant growth through access to capital. Combined with DSM’s deep operational experience in tech deployment and commercial execution at scale. Finally, by combining the businesses, it creates a single roadmap where the ability to succeed through direct coordination is exponentially faster and greater than could be achieved in parallel as two separate entities. We are really excited by the merger and believe everyone will see huge leaps forward in the coming months because of the alignment,” Notes Simon Campbell, COO of DSM.

DSM configures, builds and deploys high-compute hardware solutions that support big picture protocols. DSMs team has global experience in the design and configuration and operation of Tier 3 datacenter’s.

Leveraging a private equity model DSM has scaled Filecoin operations enabling them to become one of the largest Filecoin operators in the US. DSMs technical team have proven success in large scale global enterprise and government operations. DSM has a team of 12 technical resources and 4 operational resources who will all join DLTx.

Through the DSM acquisition DLTx has added market-leading Bitcoin technical expertise that has overseen more than 1.2GW of high compute infrastructure, globally. This operational experience, combined with DLTx’s existing capabilities and network will enable significant growth in DLTx’s already sizable Bitcoin interests.

The DSM team, as part of DLTx, will continue to build one of the largest US-based mining and storage infrastructures for Filecoin. Through a scaling of the model pioneered by DSM, DLTx will deploy hundreds of Petabytes of storage making the company one of the biggest global providers of storage to the Filecoin network and one of the largest outside of China.

Additionally, by onboarding DSMs team, DLTx can leverage the significant commercial opportunities afforded by its scale. This includes maximizing the protocol rewards for securing large enterprise storage data sets as well as developing, investing, or licensing software that helps customers leverage the potential of Filecoin in their organizations.

The combined business provides expanded opportunities for investors to participate in Special Purpose Vehicles for investment in high-margin protocol mining and services. With the combined capabilities DLTx will pursue expanded protocol infrastructure opportunities in distributed communication and blockchain infrastructure relays.

“The merger of DSM Tech Enterprises with DLTx is a significant strategic event that immediately doubled the company’s revenue stream from the Filecoin network, supporting the ambitions of the companies together becoming the largest decentralized storage provider in the world, and now equipped with even greater man-power, experience and technical knowledge,” says, Thomas Christensen, CEO of DLTx.


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