Step by step guide to start a blog from scratch

Blogging is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader and influencer. It helps you stay relevant in the eyes of your potential customers. You should also make sure your blog posts are properly optimized so that they can rank higher in search engine rankings.

Step by step guide to start a blog from scratch

As the first step towards blogging, start observing leading blogs in your domain. Here are some suggestions:

  • Search top blogs on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing
  • Use metric tools like Alexa and Similarweb
  • Learn how to create high-quality content because is all about subjective
  • Blogging needs regularity it means you must post blogs at regular intervals.

Decide the theme of your blog

Decide the theme of your blog, things you have interest in. It may be Cooking, Entertainment, Travelling, Health, Digital Marketing, Blogging, and etc.

Theme is most important part of your blog because you will spend time and effort. Pick your best theme where you will be comforted.

Some Guidelines:

  • Choose a generic theme that gives you a lot of new idea about blogs
  • Always create the audience based blog what the audience wants to read and share.
  • Use some tools to find what people actually want.

Name Your Blog

Think of some catchy name. If you don’t want to spend money on buying a domain name and hosting service you can start with free hosted service like WordPress. It gives you a subdomain name like And in future, if you will get a good audience then you will be able to transfer free hosted to paid blog.

Some Guidelines:

  • Keep your domain name unique and try to use keywords in your domain. It will help in Search Engine Ranking.
  • Keep your domain name generic but not specific.

Set Up Your Free Blog

There many options to start your first blog. Here is a list:

WordPress is highly recommended because it is easy to customize with more features and transferred to free to self-hosted blog and monetize also. Read the FAQs to understand user interface.

Layout of Your Blog

Make your blog site beautiful because of looks matter. Select the best theme and write good and catchy site tagline.

Your theme should be according to your writing style and content. If your blog is about photography. You would pick a photo based theme.

You can change your blog site according to your requirements. You can add Logo, Menu, choose background color, font style, and header image. In case if you want to add an image then you can add it from free image websites.

Categories of Content

After setting all the basic things to your blog, now you are ready to publish posts for your blog site. But you need to read some leading blogs about your domain and understand the concept, writing style, and presentation.

Some Guidelines:

Get some idea from discussion forums like Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and Quora about how to write a post and publish it.

Take time to write a post and do research on the topic before publishing. Create content unique and fresh, don’t copy content or images.

Write Your First Blog Post

  • Start writing and cover certain fundament elements in your blog post including:
  • Introduction of the blog post theme
  • Give some live example
  • Introduce your future blog post ideas
  • Ask users to subscribe to your blog site

Finally publish the blog post. Connect your blog site with social media channels. This is a good feature to increase the blog post reach through the Social media channels. Connect your social media and share directly. You can measure your traffic through stats tools.

A good blogger always tries to boost their knowledge and keep trying to connect to the internet world.

Keywords must be used in title and length of the title should not more than 60 characters. Always start with introduction and catchy words to grab the attention of the readers. Keep your content in paragraphs and points because it creates interest.

Put some real life example related to the topic. Don’t write long headings or subheadings, which may create distraction, and don’t use jargons. Use more visuals/videos to increase the SEO value of the post.

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