TradeWindow partners Vero to offer NZ’s first paperless insurance for exporters

AUCKLAND, NZ: TradeWindow, a software company, has partnered with Vero’s marine insurance team – which will now be the first insurer in New Zealand to offer paperless insurance for exporters.

It will issue its marine insurance certificates in a completely digital format.

TradeWindow is a software company that provides digital solutions for exporters, importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers.

The solution enables an end-to-end digital insurance certification process that removes the need to print paper certificates and courier them between interested parties.

TradeWindow CEO, AJ Smith says the partnership with Vero, which is part of Suncorp Group, is an important milestone for New Zealand marine exporters.

“This initiative gives our mutual customers the ability to transact in a more secure and trusted way. Our platform Cube, which uses blockchain technology, means all parties along the supply chain can have confidence in the authenticity of the digital insurance certificates.”

The connection between TradeWindow’s Cube platform and Vero Marine’s Ecert system will allow mutual customers to request and manage insurance certificates directly within Cube.

Any changes to policies or certificate templates will automatically be updated, removing the need to manually generate insurance documents.

Vero’s Executive Manager Marine, Allen Chong, says that Vero is proud to be leading the New Zealand marine industry to market with a digital option for its customers.

“Shipping documentation is critical to the marine cargo industry, as these documents represent ownership of the cargo, so having possession is important if anything goes wrong and you need to make an insurance claim.

“Digital insurance certification offers a fast, simpler and more secure process.”

The new solution is set to go live on 28 March 2022.

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