Cyclyx signs MoU to form the Houston Recycling Collaboration

OSLO, NORWAY: Cyclyx International, a consortium feedstock management joint venture founded by Agilyx and ExxonMobil, has signed a memorandum of understanding between City of Houston, ExxonMobil, LyondellBasell, and FCC Environmental Services to form the Houston Recycling Collaboration.

This new collaboration between government, industry, and the community aims to make a step change in Houston’s plastics recycling rate and help establish the city as a leader for both conventional and advanced recycling processes.

The Houston Recycling Collaboration will focus on expanding access to recycling programs for the community and local businesses, improving community education and awareness, and enabling the recycling of plastics that are difficult to recycle via conventional means.

The collaboration brings together two of the world’s largest chemical companies, each with plans to expand recycling capacity, a leading environmental services company with deep experience in Houston, an innovative circular systems developer, and the fourth largest municipality in the United States.

The proposed approach will be the first of its kind in the US and will help to drive scalable, community-focused solutions that accelerate plastic recycling.

 “We look forward to working with this team and contributing some of our programs and tools to the Houston Recycling Collaboration. We believe this program will showcase a new approach to increase plastic recycling rates that could be used as a model throughout North America. Taking this collaborative effort across industries is unique, and I believe one that will drive change,” said Joe Vaillancourt CEO of Cyclyx.

Cyclyx International LLC is a post-use plastic feedstock management company working with industry participants to develop innovative recycling solutions for all types of post-use plastics.

The company’s mission is to increase the recyclability of plastics from 10% to 90% by using Cyclyx’s expertise in understanding the chemical composition of waste plastic in collaboration with industry partners to create a new, innovative supply chain. Cyclyx was founded by Agilyx Corporation, a leader in advanced chemical recycling, together with ExxonMobil Chemical Company, one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

Cyclyx has been formed to be a consortium-based entity and since its founding there have been a growing number of companies joining its membership.

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