Green Lithium appoints Dominic Kieran as Chair of the Board

Green Lithium appoints Dominic Kieran as Chair of the Board

LONDON, UK: Green Lithium has appointed Dominic Kieran as Chair of the board.

The appointment comes as Green Lithium raises capital in a series A funding round to support development phase activity, which will be followed by a construction project finance funding round. The company’s initial private funding round was four-times oversubscribed.

Dominic Kieran is an experienced business leader with 25 years’ industry experience. He currently serves as Chief Executive for Nuclear at Babcock, the international aerospace, defence and security company.

This marks a key appointment for the company and one that strengthens the leadership and governance structures that will underpin delivery of the UK’s first commercial lithium refinery, which will fill the missing link in Europe’s electric vehicle supply chain.

A fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers who also holds an MBA, Dominic has had a varied executive career across the nuclear, chemical and technology industries, from the delivery of multi-billion-pound chemical processing facilities to developing plans for a lithium recycling facility in the UK. Additionally, he has previous experience as a company Chair and will bring this experience to Green Lithium.

As Green Lithium’s Non-Executive Chair, he will guide the board and company leadership in developing strategy, ensure the board is regularly reviewing opportunities and managing risks, and help set the cultural tone for the wider organisation with an emphasis on collaboration, support, transparency and diversity of thought.

Dominic joins the Green Lithium leadership team, which, alongside its two founding directors – Marketing and Business Development Director Richard Taylor and Technical Director Guy Hatcher – includes Sean Sargent, Jo Charles and Greg Bogie.

Sean Sargent, Chief Executive Officer, has overall responsibility for the delivery of the project. He has a 30-year track record of leading and delivering multi-billion-pound, critical infrastructure projects with Jacobs and Magnox. Jo Charles, Chief Financial Officer, is a former investment banker at Rothschild & Co and who qualified as a chartered accountant at KPMG. Greg Bogie, Commercial Director, is an executive with 16 years’ experience as a key interface between delivery partners on large-scale projects, including roles at Highways England, EDF and Babcock.

Lithium is the key component of the batteries that power electric vehicles and store energy. However, there is currently no commercial lithium refining capability in Europe, leaving the continent’s rapidly growing electric vehicle and sustainable energy storage sectors wholly reliant on the less environmentally friendly refining processes of East Asia and an increasingly scarce supply base for their battery-grade lithium chemicals.

Green Lithium’s refinery will use a sustainable and low-carbon refining process, connecting Europe’s lithium battery and cell manufacturers with a secure supply of lithium hydroxide produced from abundant international sources of raw lithium mineral ore.

Richard Taylor, Founding Director at Green Lithium, said: “The electric revolution is fundamental to reducing the carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. By building our refinery, Green Lithium will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy storage through the increased supply of low-carbon, battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

“Fulfilling this vision requires the right leadership. In Dominic, we have found a Chair who not only has the experience, expertise and corporate standing, but is also willing to be hands on in supporting the team at Green Lithium to achieve our objectives.

“His skills perfectly complement those of our management team and broader delivery team of in-house employees and market-leading commercial partners. It is truly an exceptional group that we have assembled to deliver the project.”

Dominic Kieran, Chair at Green Lithium, added: “I’m honoured to become the first Chair of Green Lithium. The need to significantly increase the supply of low-carbon, battery-grade lithium hydroxide for the rapidly growing electric vehicle market is clear, and Green Lithium has the solution. I look forward to working with the board, management team and our investors to progress the company’s exciting and ambitious plans.”

Any parties interested in participating in the series A funding round – or the subsequent construction project finance funding round taking place in late 2022 – should contact Roberto Castiglioni of Ikigai Capital.

Green Lithium is an innovative mineral processing company with plans to build and operate a large-scale lithium refinery in the UK, and provide high-purity lithium hydroxide to UK and European markets. The company will harness industry-leading process technology enabling clean, low-carbon processing of high volumes of hard-rock, unrefined lithium mineral spodumene concentrate.

 At present, the battery-metal supply chain is dominated by East Asia. There is no refining capability in Europe despite a significant market opportunity. Working with key strategic partners to address the need to improve the European battery-metal supply chain, Green Lithium will support the net-zero ambitions of society to transition to the future green economy.

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