Graft Polymer plans to list on London Stock Exchange

Graft Polymer plans to list on London Stock Exchange

LONDON, UK: Graft Polymer (UK) Plc expressed intention for its shares to be admitted to the standard segment of the Official List of the FCAand to trading on the Main Market for listed securities of the London Stock Exchange. Admission is expected in early January 2022.

Graft Polymer has developed a proprietary set of polymer modification technologies, which can improve existing products and processing methodologies by enhancing performance, simplifying manufacturing and reducing material consumption, in turn reducing costs.

In 2020, the global impact modifier market was estimated to have a value of US$3.9 billion. Graft Polymer develops new and innovative polymer technologies and has made several patent applications. The Company has a layered IP strategy and will continue to submit patents as new applications are developed.

The funds raised will be used as follows:

o Additional production line and further expansion: the Group’s research and production facility in Slovenia is to be expanded to meet customer demand, with an overall expansion in capacity of around 100% compared with current volume;

o Investment in a HACCP and food grade ‘GMP’ certification: at the Group’s facility in Slovenia, the Group will develop active pharmaceutical ingredients and DDS in its research and development laboratories;

o Laboratory upgrades, research and development costs and future IP registration: the Group expects to upgrade a number of its production lines to meet specific customer production and research and development needs; and

o Sales and marketing and general corporate purposes: the expected increase in the Group’s sales over the course of the next two years is likely to lead to an increase in both inventory and marketing opportunities.

Victor Bolduev, Founder and CEO of Graft Polymer, said: “We are delighted to be bringing Graft Polymer to the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, particularly at a time when demand for combining polymer modification and environmental protection is rising. Graft Polymer’s IPO will provide the Company with further capital to accelerate our developing of intellectual property as well as new technologies to provide novel products and solutions for market challenges that arise.

“Led by a highly experienced management team, we believe the diversity of our products enable us to deliver to various industries, distinguishing Graft Polymer from other global polymer modification groups which offer significantly narrower products and solutions.”

The company has engaged Turner Pope Investments as its UK broker and RBG Legal Services Limited, trading as Memery Crystal, as its UK legal advisor. Graft Polymer has retained Tavistock Communications Ltd. to provide public relations services in the UK.

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