Bureau Veritas 2025 strategy aims to take value creation to the next level

NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE, FRANCE: Bureau Veritas is today hosting its Investor Day (see connection details on page 4) during which Didier Michaud-Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, François Chabas, Executive Vice-President, Finance, Eduardo Camargo, Executive Vice-President, Group Transformation & Business Development, Ségolène de Rose, Senior Vice-President, Group Strategy and M&A and Helen Bradley, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, will present the Group’s 2025 strategy and financial ambitions.

Didier Michaud-Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The last 6 years were transformational for Bureau Veritas. The Group successfully rebalanced its activities to build an efficient growth platform, underpinned by resilient businesses as well as deep societal and sectorial trends. We have assembled diverse and talented teams with skills that complement one another, and with an efficient management structure.

The 2025 strategy will be a value enhancing journey ensuring both short- and long-term growth for Bureau Veritas, by capturing the maximum value from existing businesses adjacent to our core activity and leading sustainability in the TIC sector. We will build upon the strengths of Bureau Veritas, of which our ability to be extremely reactive with efficient execution will constitute the corner stones of our success in the years to come.

Bureau Veritas intends to acquire leadership positions in activities and sectors at the core of its expertise with a more innovative, proactive and agile approach. We have the ambition to become the undisputed world leader on critical societal subjects such as energy transition, smart cities, new forms of mobility and traceability of supply chains.

I am convinced that Bureau Veritas has a central role to play in the world, and in being a Business to Business to Society company.”


Having weathered the Covid‐19 crisis and delivered a strong performance over the past years, Bureau Veritas is capitalizing on the successful delivery of the previous strategic plan and relies upon the key fundamentals of the TIC market, which offer solid growth prospects. This roadmap is based upon three Value Drivers:

  • Scale: Bureau Veritas aims to capture the maximum value of its existing assets, capabilities, and geographies by accelerating the standardization and replication of its existing service offer. The transformation journey will continue towards an even more market-oriented organization, capitalizing on significant investments made during the last 6 years, both internally and externally. This will boost organic growth;
  • Expand: Bureau Veritas will focus notably on sustainability and the energy transition, both of which represent exciting opportunities for growth. The Group will take full advantage of cross-cutting growth opportunities that will arise alongside macro-economic and societal shifts (5G, new mobility, etc.). This will be achieved through increased penetration of rising and high-value markets, and by capturing both organic and external growth opportunities;
  • Lead: Bureau Veritas will invest in businesses that have the potential to become part of the TIC core business in the future. The Group will fully take advantage of technological shifts to be well-positioned on key trending topics such as connectivity, traceability, and cybersecurity. Like Expand, Lead involves both organic and external growth.

To support its Scale, Expand and Lead drivers, Bureau Veritas has defined M&A priorities by markets and geographies, outlining three key objectives:

  • Gaining market access in high potential local markets;
  • Acquiring complementary capabilities in targeted markets and geographies to be able to provide end-to-end solutions to its clients;
  • Entering new markets that Bureau Veritas believes will be relevant in the future.

Additionally, Bureau Veritas defined three Enablers that will be key levers to execute its strategy and to reach its ambition:

  • People and Culture: Bureau Veritas’ strategy is deeply linked to its teams and culture – the Group is committed to fostering a sustainable and high-performance culture, in line with its values and mission;
  • Organization and Governance: Bureau Veritas is committed to ensuring that its organization and governance are aligned with the Group’s values and client engagement – CSR is one of the key components within the Group’s governance;
  • Innovation and Digital: innovation and digital are key enablers to accelerate its 2025 strategic direction execution, to anticipate its clients’ needs, to help them ensure more efficiency regarding their assets, systems and products, and to accompany them in their own digital transformation.


During the Investor Day, the management will illustrate its strategy by presenting business cases on five overarching themes, representing a summary of the group’s 2025 priorities, which are expected to fuel the Group’s development from a business perspective: Asset Lifecycle Solutions, Sustainability Assurance, Energy transition Conformity Assessment, Technology & Online Retail and Cybersecurity Compliance.

In all of these areas, Bureau Veritas already enjoys renowned expertise and a competitive advantage, which will be leveraged and developed to benefit from the underlying trends that underpin these opportunities.


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