Skitude Holding changes name to Canopy Holdings

OSLO, NORWAY: Skitude Holding AS announced the proposal to change name to Canopy Holdings AS to reflect the company’s multi-brand strategy across destinations, attractions and seasons.

Reference is made to the 30 November 2021 summon to an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in Skitude, where the company among others proposes to change name to Canopy Holdings.

“Based on our heritage and leading position withing digitizing the market for skiers and other mountain enthusiasts, we see significant opportunities in adjacent industries across destinations, attractions and seasons for our products and services.

We propose to change name to Canopy to better reflect this season independent multi-brand strategy, while remaining committed to further grow and capitalize on our pole-position within winter applications,” says Bent Grøver, Chief Executive Officer of Canopy.

The name change is subject to approval by the EGM.

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