Adthink and Geniee build a partnership for ad revenue growth

Adthink and Geniee build a partnership for ad revenue growth

PARIS, FRANCE: Adthink, the French digital marketing specialist, and Geniee, the largest digital advertising supply side platform in Japan, announced a strategic partnership to raise publisher’s revenue.

Being the No. 1 SSP (Supply Side Platform) in Japan as well as a proud GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner), Geniee has been working closely with over 6,000 publishers worldwide building ad optimization solutions to improve productivity and maximize revenue.

Partnering with Adthink’s Agency Division in 2021, Geniee has been able to demonstrate its capacity to fill inventories and to help significantly raise revenues for Adthink and its publishers.

Since Adthink’s programmatic sales house is connected to the demand partners of Geniee, it is now able to provide more digital ad space demand. Added to that, it brings growth opportunities on Asian markets.

Revenue from the partnership has been increasing month to month in the testing phase. Now in full production, a major growth in revenue is expected for Q4 2021.

Geniee, founded in 2010, is a leading advertising technology company that develops and provides ad-tech solutions that help companies solve various problems such as increasing profits and improving productivity, based on the mission of “creating new value with technology and creating client success together”.

Geniee is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on 2017. With high-tech advantage, Geniee is one of the leading Supply Side Platform (SSP) in Asia and has won the No.1 market share of Japan in 6 years of establishment in Japan.

Geniee, founded in 2010, with a capital of 1,549 million Yen is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and presided by Tomoaki Kudo. It employs 307 employees in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand.

Adthink addresses the B2C market by developing a global digital and physical distribution platform and the B2B market by providing advertisers with its trading desk and affiliate platform to develop their customer acquisition.

Created in 2001 to market the first video streaming advertising offer, the Adthink group is based in Lyon and has 32 employees at the end of June 2021. Its 2020 revenue amounted to 10.24 million euros.

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