NEPRA notifies social investment guidelines for power sector

KARACHI, PAKISTAN: Power sector regulator has notified the code to encourage initiatives to protect the environment and to effectively mitigate adverse climate change, promote the well-being of local communities and human development in the electric power sector with the purpose to ensure that power brings prosperity.

The authority has implemented NEPRA Social Investment Guidelines, 2021 that require power sector licensee to submit a report on social investment for five years immediately after these guidelines come into force.

Accordingly, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) may direct the licensee, from time to time, to provide information relating to its social investment, and encourage social investment in particular activities to address immediate or long-term areas of interest to the power sector.

Moreover, power sector licensee are required to submit an annual report on its social investment, outlining annual spending, objectives, activities carried out and its impact. Further, licensee will annually submit a draft social investment plan to the authority to obtain input and guidance, which would help the authority to align social investment across the licensees.

The authority encourages licensees to seek commitment to social investment from business partners and align its plans and reporting format with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 (SDGs).

NEPRA designed Social Investment Guidelines, 2021, which is a comprehensive document designed for the stakeholders to give them a clear roadmap for the CSR performance expectations of the regulator.

The guidelines are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 Agenda and also in line with other international social and environmental standards and CSR policies given by international electricity regulators.

NEPRA Social Investment Guidelines, 2021 were framed by the CSR Department after due deliberations and inviting comments from all the stakeholders of the power sector industry

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