AutoStore Holdings’ bookbuilding prices IPO at NOK 31/share

NEDRE VATS: AutoStore Holdings has prices its initial public offer (IPO) at NOK 31/share. This price implies a market capitalization of AutoStore of approximately NOK 103.5 billion.

AutoStore will sell 87.096 million treasury shares in connection with the Offering, raising an amount of NOK 2.7 billion.

Funds/companies owned, managed or advised by Thomas H. Lee Partners (THL) will sell a total of 429.711 million shares in the offering, thus retaining an ownership of approximately 36.21% in AutoStore following the fffering.

EQT will through Terminator Holding S.à r.l. sell a total of 47.003 million shares in the offering, thus retaining an ownership of approximately 3.96% in AutoStore following the offering.

Automate Investment AS and Automate Investment II AS (being the current holding company of employee shareholders) will sell a total of 2.869 million, thus retaining an ownership of approximately 2.01%.

In addition to the selling shareholders mentioned above, in total 25 option holders (being employees and a former board member) will exercise a pro rata portion of their vested options equal to the pro-rata portion of shares sold by THL in the offering (which will equal a total of 18,075,162 shares being delivered), and will sell a total of 13.811 million shares received upon exercise of the options in the offering in order to each retain exposure equal to 50% of the net proceeds after tax.

The managers have further over-allotted 87.073 million shares, representing approximately 15% of the number of shares sold in the offering before over-allotments, and exercised their option to borrow an equal number of shares from THL, EQT (through Terminator Holding S.à r.l.), Automate Investment AS and Automate Investment II AS and the company for the purposes of covering the over-allotments.

After completion of the offering, the free float of AutoStore will be approximately 17.4%, assuming no exercise of the greenshoe option and approximately 20%, assuming full exercise of the greenshoe option.

Trading in the shares of AutoStore on the Oslo Stock Exchange commences on 20 October 2021 on an “if sold” basis (conditional trading), as further described in the separate stock exchange notice regarding conditional trading to be published separately.

AutoStore is an innovative robotic and software technology company, and a pioneer of cubic storage automation. The group operates in the rapidly growing warehouse automation industry, and in the even faster growing cube storage segment. AutoStore develops warehouse solutions for the future and helps its customers to enable space saving and increase performance, while reducing labor and energy costs.

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