Atos launches app to provide comprehensive satellite images of earth

PARIS: Atos today launches Terra², a mobile application that provides valuable data so that decision makers and influencers can make data-driven decisions, supporting the COP26 ambition.

The data presented combines satellite imagery offered by Atos’ satellite Earth Observation Platform Mundi Web Services, the world’s largest earth observation program, with scientific research from international laboratories and research institutes1 led by the LSCE (Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement) on carbon monitoring. Together this provides data analysis across 6 specific sectors (such as Industry or Ground Transport) to help understand the effect of CO2 emissions and find appropriate solutions.

Terra² offers a unique level of insight to inform policy-making, shape and measure decarbonization initiatives, influence stakeholders and other governments in their race to net zero, and drive citizen behavioral change for a safer, more sustainable future.

Terra² offers users a number of tracking options, such as Air Pollutants, Pollutant Evolution from COP21 to COP26 and Carbon Monitoring, and the ability to track them across a region or city of their choice. The app also includes a direct link to information on and online demos of 5 of the Mundi services – these are Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Temperature Detection, Fresh Surface Water Monitoring, Atmospheric Pollution and Vegetation Detection.

With Terra² any government or public agency can gain insight into a range of different areas – from the impact of urbanization to inform urban planning, to signs of the effects of deforestation in different countries or regions, to air quality and pollution monitoring, all which can be used to shape new policy-making. Terra² provides 5 years of data, making it possible to compare and see an evolution over the years to measure progress.

“This is the first app, to my knowledge, available worldwide that integrates millions of daily observations from a dedicated constellation of satellites with data from thousands of land, air and marine-based sensors all over the world to create the most comprehensive pictures of Earth that have ever been captured. No other platform makes available such detailed and holistic environmental data, and we’re proud to work in partnership with Atos to provide a really unique level of insight. Terra² will be able to increase awareness on the effect of CO2 emissions, from policy makers to the general public, and empower users with a new perspective on our planet, to enable positive and sustained behavioral change to transition to net zero” said Philippe Bousquet, Professor at the Université de Versailles St-Quentin and Researcher at LSCE.

As a trusted partner to governments all over the world, we work with our customers and their stakeholders to help build a safe and sustainable future for the people and the planet”, said Nourdine Bihmane, Head of Decarbonization Business Line at Atos. “COP26 is a pivotal moment for the future of climate change and the time to act is now. As a forerunner in accelerating decarbonization, this new application is the perfect illustration of Atos’ commitment in transforming the way digital technologies are designed, developed and used, and we call that Transformation for Good”.

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