Mode Global joins leading trade association, CryptoUK

Mode Global joins leading trade association, CryptoUK

LONDON: Mode Global Holdings, the LSE-listed fintech group, announced its membership of CryptoUK, the UK’s leading trade association for the digital asset industry.

CryptoUK is a self-regulatory trade association established to promote higher standards of conduct in the cryptocurrency industry, help create fit for purpose regulation and ensure the UK maintains its position as a global crypto leader.

As a member of CryptoUK, Mode will work together with fellow association members to drive greater dialogue and collaboration with regulators and policymakers – by sharing industry best practices and representing an “on the ground” voice – with a view to accelerating mainstream adoption.

Ryan Moore, CEO of Mode, said: “We’re delighted to assume sector leadership by joining CryptoUK. As Bitcoin continues to prove its position as a long term store of value, regulation and best practices must keep pace with changes in demand to create a ripe environment for industry growth. We look forward to representing the sector to continue to develop a robust regulatory framework, so that the UK can maintain its industry leading position.”

Ian Taylor, Executive Director of CryptoUK, said: “Mode will bring significant local and global expertise to our initiatives and we look forward to harnessing the team’s experience as we develop fit for purpose regulation for crypto-asset businesses and customers in the UK. We are delighted to welcome Mode to the CryptoUK community.”

Launched in March 2018, CryptoUK is the UK’s trade association representing the digital asset sector. Its members, composed of leading companies from across the sector, believe that crypto and digital assets can help enhance the way we undertake financial transactions, to the benefit of consumers, business and security.

Together, they are working to help educate policy makers and regulators about the crypto and digital asset industry, and to work with them to develop a balanced and fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for the UK. Its members believe that by working together with policy makers and with each other, they can ensure that the U.K. fulfils its potential to be a global leader in this exciting new industry.

Mode is an LSE-listed fintech company on a mission to build the world’s most disruptive ecosystem where exchanging value and growing wealth is seamless for all.

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