Brand Architekts launches its own marketplace

Brand Architekts launches its own marketplace

LONDON: Brand Architekts, a challenger British Beauty brand business, has successfully launched its own marketplace,, a unique e-commerce beauty proposition, supported by THG Ingenuity.

The Group has entered into a five-year agreement with THG Ingenuity, reflecting the belief in the long-term opportunities of the marketplace. In line with its stated strategy, the Group will be investing in a robust marketing program to drive traffic to the site, initially around its better-known brands, to secure customer acquisition, before starting to invest in theunexpektedstore brand.

The new online retailer will house the full Brand Architekts portfolio of brands. Born from a shift in consumer shopping habits following the pandemic, The Unexpekted Store will bridge the gap between brands and consumers, through a community driven platform that fuels positivity, inclusivity and the conversations around them. It aims to enrich customers’ lives, making today and everyday easier, by providing a level of experience that goes beyond their expectations.

Quentin Higham, CEO, Brand Architekts: “Reflecting the change in consumer behaviour, the creation of a new integrated marketplace has been our number one priority. Since January 2021 we have been working to create a new marketplace called We are taking advantage of THG Ingenuity’s world leading ecommerce platform – including trading and marketing services – and its sophisticated logistics and warehouse facilities to do this.

The Unexpekted Store will not only sell all our brands and products, but we are very excited about creating a community, whereby our mission is to break the mould of everyday beauty. This will then enable us to get closer to our customer and to better understand how we evolve our brands and business to better suit their needs.

Over time we will curate 3rd party “guest” brands onto our marketplace, initially to underpin our philosophy of “exceeding the expectations of everyday beauty” but also as a potential acquisition stream. Once the UK model is successful, we will utilise THG Ingenuity’s global footprint and launch The Unexpekted Store into new and relevant markets.”

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