Sensyne launches SENSIGHT, a patient data analytics platform

Sensyne launches SENSIGHT, a patient data analytics platform

OXFORD, U.K: Sensyne Health plc, the ethical AI company, has launched SENSIGHT, an AI enabled global patient data analytics platform for the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

SENSIGHT is built on a rapidly growing deep and broad set of anonymised and de-identified patient data derived from the research partnerships Sensyne has entered into with NHS Trusts and US health systems that currently covers 22.5 million patients across a range of disease areas.

SENSIGHT vision:

SENSIGHT is the first data analytics platform to provide industrial scale access to anonymised and de-identified real world data insights globally across multiple therapy areas combined with built in simple to use research algorithms. The platform will evolve rapidly adding researchable disease areas, analytical tools, and patient data towards a planned data set of 100 million patients by 2024.

The power and affordability of the SENSIGHT platform represents a disruptive shift in how the life science and healthcare communities will access and leverage clinical data insights, collaborate with their colleagues, and advance the state of care and discovery.

The platform provides clinicians, research academics and life science professionals with an instant AI research capability to analyse health insights across a curated common patients data environment, underpinned and protected by a rigorous information governance and security framework. No direct patient data is, or ever will be, shared on SENSIGHT.

The platform instead rapidly interrogates Sensyne’s deep diverse datasets and delivers intelligent analytics and data-driven insights, not the data itself. Subscribers will be screened to ensure legitimate interest, with only those in accredited companies and organisations being accepted.

Researchers can communicate and collaborate with each other on the platform – creating a virtual scientific research network that connects professionals across the healthcare and life sciences industries creating a community with common interests in particular research fields or areas of unmet medical need.

SENSIGHT at launch: 

Access to the SENSIGHT platform is on a subscriber basis of £25,000 per person per year for commercial customers. The platform will be provided free of charge to Sensyne’s existing NHS Trust Strategic Research Agreement partners.

SENSIGHT has launched with access to a 2 million anonymised and de-identified patient data set which is expected to grow rapidly to 10 million patients by the end of December 2021. The platform enables the ability to create, validate and explore curated patient cohorts, initially in the areas of heart failure, stroke, and haematological cancer with a further six disease areas following by the end of December 2021 and future plans for SENSIGHT eventually covering most disease areas.

A specific feature of SENSIGHT at launch is the ability to offer medical researchers unique functionality to analyse the feasibility of running synthetic control arms on specific patient data sets using Sensyne’s proprietary analytics tools. Synthetic control arms create virtual patient groups based on real patient data to serve as the control group in a clinical trial.

Among other analysis functions, SENSIGHT will immediately enable subscribers to:

·Create new patient cohorts in specific research areas across large, diverse data sets efficiently, quickly and at scale.

·Undertake patient stratification of cohorts to identify relevant sub-groups of patients using Sensyne’s proprietary deep clustering tools.

·Perform medical image report analyses.

·Analyse usage and outcomes by product or class across different health systems to understand real-world patient journeys. 

Lord (Paul) Drayson PhD FREng, Chief Executive Officer of Sensyne, said: “Sensyne Health was founded to bring the power of clinical AI and health data analytics to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and accelerate the discovery and development of new medicines. For several years we have worked within an ethical, transparent, and fair framework that ensures patient data privacy and security and shares the commercial return from our work with healthcare providers such as the NHS and health systems in the US.

SENSIGHT now enables us to exponentially scale that vision and creates a new channel for our other products and services. The transformative power of Sensyne’s ethical AI is now available to the smallest and largest healthcare and life sciences organisations and its design enables the creation of a global community of researchers all working towards a common aim: better health for all.”

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