Sara Nilsson appointed as new CFO of Vitec Software Group

STOCKHOLM: Sara Nilsson has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of Vitec.

She succeeds Olle Backman who assumed the position as CEO. Sara Nilsson has extensive experience within Vitec and has most recently been Manager Group Finance.

“I am very happy to be able to present Sara as our new CFO. Sara has worked in many different roles within Vitec in recent years and knows both the corporate culture and the organization well. She has previous experience from both large and small organizations and the auditing industry,” says Olle Backman CEO of Vitec Software Group.

Sara Nilsson holds a Master’s degree in accounting and finance from Umeå University and has until now been responsible for the Group’s central accounting function.“Vitec has a clear business model and a good corporate culture in focus, while our operations contribute to value-generating social benefit. I really look forward to contributing to Vitec’s continued profitable growth and development in my new role,” says Sara Nilsson.

Vitec is market leader for Vertical Market Software in the Nordic region. Vitec grows through acquisitions of well-managed and well-established software companies. The Group’s overall processes together with the employees’ in-depth knowledge of the customer’s local market enables continuous improvement and innovation. Vitec is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and had net sales of SEK 1,313million in 2020.

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