Benjamin Gaszynski to lead Bloom energy business in Southeast Asia

Benjamin Gaszynski to lead Bloom energy business in Southeast Asia

SAN JOSE: Bloom Energy, a leading provider of distributed energy solutions, announced the appointment of Benjamin Gaszynski to lead business development in Southeast Asia, a news release said.

Benjamin Gaszynski will strengthen the company’s expansion efforts, enhance competitive positioning and support deployment of its fuel-flexible, clean energy technology across Southeast Asia with an initial focus on Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

An international business leader who has spent 15 years in the oil and gas, renewable energy and environmental sectors, Gaszynski’s background includes substantial experience in developing, managing and rapidly growing multi-million-dollar energy business units across Asia and the Middle East at organizations such as Ortec Group and AIS Bardot.

Gaszynski will report to Bloom Energy’s executive vice president, international business, Azeez Mohammed.

“We are thrilled to welcome Benjamin to Bloom Energy,” said Azeez Mohammed. “He brings vast experience as well as valuable perspectives and relationships that will help organizations in Southeast Asia reduce carbon emissions, enhance resiliency and chart a path toward a net-zero carbon future.”

Bloom Energy’s fuel-flexible, non-combustion fuel cells use biogas and hydrogen, in addition to natural gas, to create electricity at significantly higher efficiencies than traditional, combustion-based resources. In addition, Bloom’s technology can be used to create hydrogen, which is increasingly recognized as a critically important tool necessary for the full decarbonization of the energy economy.

Bloom Energy’s mission is to make clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world. The company’s product, the Bloom Energy Server, delivers highly reliable and resilient, always-on electric power that is clean, cost-effective, and ideal for microgrid applications. Bloom’s customers include many Fortune 100 companies and leaders in manufacturing, data centers, healthcare, retail, higher education, utilities, and other industries.

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