PayPoint completes acquisition of RSM 2000 Ltd

LONDON: PayPoint Plc has completed the acquisition of RSM 2000 Ltd, a leading digital payments business providing innovative solutions to a significant number of clients across diverse sectors, including charities, not-for-profit organisations and SMEs in the UK.

PayPoint is well-placed to take advantage of the trends that have accelerated over the past year due to Covid-19, including the continued shift from cash to digital payments, and the acquisition of RSM 2000 reinforces that position.

The UK Direct Debit market continues to expand, with over 4.5 billion payments with an overall value of £1,327 billion made in 2019. Direct Debits are used by 90% of the UK population to pay some or all of their regular bills.

The acquisition will significantly enhance PayPoint’s existing MultiPay digital payments portfolio: bringing Direct Debit capability in-house, adding innovative mobile payment products and enabling reach into new sectors, such as charities, not-for-profit and events.

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Their innovative EventPay solution provides card terminal hire and connectivity for SMEs attending shows and fayres across the UK – an opportunity of over 30,000 events a year with over 10,000 visitors.

RSM 2000 are a payment service provider with a wide range of products, who are experienced enough to cope with complex organisations, focussed enough to care about even the smallest client and smart enough to make their services simple and easy to use. They have a solid payments heritage, with expertise gained from over 20 years working with the widest range of businesses, charities and not for profit organisations, to provide payment solutions.

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