PayPoint plc

PayPoint plc (LSE: PAY) is a British business offering a system for paying bills in United Kingdom, Ireland and Romania. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

PayPoint allows cash payments at any one of 28,200 United Kingdom PayPoint outlets, 500 in Ireland and 9,000 in Romania. It also provides multi-channel payment for retailers – desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, mPOS. In most cases, PayPoint’s fees are usually paid by the payee organisation rather than by the payer, the notable exception being deposits into Monzo bank accounts, for which Monzo deducts a £1 fee from the deposited amount.

Type:                     Public limited company

Traded as:           LSE: PAY

Industry:              Payment systems

Founded:            1996

Headquarters:   Welwyn Garden City, England, UK


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