BATM’s Telco Systems subsidiary partners with albis-elcon

BATM's Telco Systems subsidiary partners with albis-elcon 1

LONDON: BATM Advanced Communications announced that its Telco Systems subsidiary has formed a strategic partnership with albis-elcon, a supplier of networking products and systems to communications service providers in the telecommunications industry, to jointly offer the Group’s network function virtualisation (NFV) solution, which represents a further route to market.

The Group’s NFVTime virtualisation technology has been integrated into albis-elcon’s new service delivery platform, uSphir, and optimised for operating with albis-elcon’s products and systems for network management.

uSphir has been developed to enable telecommunications operators to create virtual software-based networks (using BATM’s operating system), which will allow them to quickly deploy virtualised business services to their end customers, that operate seamlessly with their existing network management systems and hardware provided by albis-elcon. In accordance with BATM’s revenue model for NFVTime, it will receive a monthly license fee for each end point deployed by a customer.  

With support from Telco Systems, albis-elcon has commenced marketing uSphir to its customer base, which primarily consists of tier 1 telecommunications operators in Europe and Latin America. These are new geographies for BATM’s networking business, which focuses on the US market.

In additional progress in NFV, and further to the Group’s announcement of 27 August 2020, BATM is pleased to confirm that PCCW Global commenced the rollout of its NFVTime solution during Q1 2021. Accordingly, BATM has begun to generate revenue under its three-year licensing agreement with PCCW Global.

Dr Zvi Marom, CEO of BATM, said: “We are very pleased to be jointly offering our virtualisation technology with albis-elcon. They have a strong position among tier 1 operators in Europe and Latin America and this partnership will expand our reach into those markets. This constitutes a key aspect of our growth strategy across our business, which is to form collaborations that will accelerate the adoption of our solutions.

“We are also delighted that PCCW Global has commenced the rollout of our technology to their customers, which reflects the industry increasingly transitioning to virtualised networks. Thanks to the strength of our solution, which is one of the few available that is operable with both Arm and Intel architectures, and of our partners, we believe that we are well-positioned to establish a significant presence in this market.”

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