Widam Food imports third shipment of livestock

Widam Food imports third shipment of livestock 1

DOHA- QATAR: Widam Food Company, the main importer of meat to the State of Qatar, announced receiving a shipment of Sudanese 1600 heads of livestock.

This shipment is the third one and the largest imported shipment received during the month of January 2021.

The Company received two earlier shipments from Australia and Sudan which makes the total amount of livestock imported by the Company 70 thousand heads to meet the local markets requirement.

Engineer Mohamed Badr AL-SADAH, Chairman of the Board of Widam Food Company has stated, “In line with our strategy, which aims to support the Food Security plans in the State of Qatar, we have worked closely and coordinated with the major exporters of livestock in many countries which are renowned for their premier products and we secured competitive prices to secure numerous sources of import.”

He added “Our plan is that our imports of livestock and chilled meat from Sudan to reach 150 Million Qatari Riyals in the current year.”

He confirmed that the Company plans in preparedness and readiness to have strategic store of basic commodities (livestock, frozen and chilled meat), to secure it availability in the local market.

Widam Food Company has signed contracts to import more than 90 000 heads of sheep, and cattle for the local market during the month of March 2021 both as livestock and chilled meat for the month of holy Ramadan.

It is worth mentioning that the Company has lately imported regularly throughout the year to meat the needs and requirement of consumers a number of shipments of sheep, and Romanian cattle and other livestock of Arabic sheep and meat from Australia, South Africa, Argentina, India, and Pakistan.

Widam Food Company besides importing meat and livestock to the local market, also, manages and operates the top quality, highest specifications and most modern slaughter house in the Middle East in Al Wakrah Central Market and operates 7 other slaughter houses and owns 15 butcheries in various locations in the State of Qatar.


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