Blis Technologies’ Tmall flagship store launched

Blis Technologies’ Tmall flagship store launched

AUCKLAND, NZ: Blis Technologies along with their e-commerce and digital agency RooLife have officially launched the BLIS PROBIOTICS product range in China on Alibaba’s Tmall Global marketplace

Partnering with RooLife Group who specialise in China targeted E-Commerce and digital marketing Blis Technologies has officially launched the BLIS PROBIOTICS™ store on Alibaba’s Tmall Global marketplace at a ceremony in Dunedin with Alibaba Group on 26 January 2021.

RooLife is exclusively providing the digital marketing services and online store operation to promote and sell Blis Technologies’ key oral probiotics products in China which include the number 1 selling product in the throat lozenge category New Zealand Pharmacies.

RooLife & AFT Pharmaceuticals launch online New Zealand health store in China

As China’s largest cross-border marketplace, Tmall Global is the premier channel through which overseas brands and retailers can reach Chinese consumers, build brand awareness and gain valuable consumer insights and so is the ideal market entry for marketing and selling BLIS PROBIOTICS.

RooLife Managing Director, Bryan Carr commented, “It’s very exciting to be launching the online sales for Blis’ well credentialed and well known oral probiotics products in China. Blis Technologies is well established in the New Zealand and Australian market as the leader in oral probiotics research and development and is the number one selling product in the throat lozenge category in New Zealand pharmacies.

This positions it well for growth and expansion in China where online shoppers are actively seeking health and wellbeing products”.

Alibaba Group’s New Zealand Country Manager Pier Smulders said, “New Zealand products have a strong reputation and remain a popular choice with consumers in China. We are delighted to welcome Blis Technologies to the Tmall Global marketplace which will further expand this offering.”

Blis Technologies CEO Brian Watson added “Partnering with RooLife and Alibaba we are thrilled to have our own Tmall Flagship Store allowing China based consumers to access our product range which is popular in New Zealand, Australia and the US. This will give us a foothold in the exciting and fast growing Chinese probiotics market and is the foundation for our growth strategy in the region “.

Blis Technologies is an NZX-listed manufacturer of advanced probiotic strains that go beyond the gut.

The RooLife Group of companies provides fully integrated digital marketing and customer acquisition services focusing on driving online sales of products and services for its clients.

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