QBID becomes official partner of new China e-commerce platform, WMall

China e-commerce platform, WMall

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Artificial Intelligence  (AI)  and  e-Commerce  marketing company  RooLife  Group  Ltd announced its newly acquired digital marketing company Quality Brands International Direct (QBID), has been appointed an official partner  and  supplier  for new  China  e-Commerce  platform  WMall.

WMall is  an  e-Commerce platform  which  connects  western  brands  to  China’s  powerful  Daigou shopping network. It is backed by several foundation strategic partners such as China’s powerful JD Logistics group Jing Xi Da, with the role of Chinese social e-commerce platform, Feng Xiang to drive engagement  between  brands  and  the  Daigou social networks in China.

QBID’s  role  is  to  engage with  Australian  and  international  brands,  selecting  a  targeted  range  of products expected to have strong appeal to Chinese consumers. As official supplier of brands to WMall, RooLife Group’s    QBID is responsible for product selection in consultation  with  WMall,  providing pricing  and  market  entry  services  making  products  available  in China and supplying to WMall to sell to its customers. QBID derives a margin on all products sold.

QBID will also work with Australian and international brands to prepare training materials and training sessions for the individual sellers on the platform to ensure the brands and customers are supported through the network.

With the backing of these strategic partners WMall is expected to be in high demand with Australian and New Zealand brands seeking to tap into the Daigou network both in Australia and in China with WMall advising its plan and expectation is to recruit many thousands of new members and build sales over the coming months and years.

This arrangement is a natural extension of the services already provided by QBID as it works with a number of famous Australian and international brands, including Australia’s leading weight loss brand Celebrity  Slim,  US  haircare  brand Veta,  premium dog grooming range Melanie  Newman  Salon Essentials, leading New Zealand skincare range Essano and other brands expected to be in demand on this platform.

QBID provides China e-commerce services on major platforms such as Alibaba’s TMall, VIP.com and JD.com, as well as marketing support for brands in China on China’s famous social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book and many more.

QBID   will support   current   client   brands   and   many   others   on   WMall through   QBID’s   China-commercialization services and the training and support of sellers on the WMall network.

Harry Wu, CEO of WMall said,   “This is an extremely exciting opportunity for both WMall and QBID. It leverages our China-side strength and experience with delivery of e-Commerce, social networking and strong logistics capability with the proven brand selection, promotion and online sales capability and record of QBID.”

George  Panagios, RooLife Group’s Head of  International  Business  with  QBID  added,  “Being appointed  as a  strategic partner  of  WMall is  a  strong  endorsement  of  our  skills  and  track record  of having helped brands successfully enter the China market and drive online sales. This new partnershipextends our reach and revenue lines in China.”

RooLife Group  Managing Director,  Bryan  Carr  added,  “This  achievement  by  QBID  is  additional validation of  the  value  of  the  recent  acquisition of  QBID  and  positions RooLife Group  for further growth in 2020 and beyond.”


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