Avanza Solutions and Redrackx partner to provide global cloud ready solutions

KARACHI: Avanza Solutions has partnered with Redrackx – Pakistan’s first multi-country cloud.

Through this partnership both organizations are in a position to provide global customers with cloud-ready software solutions across customer relationship & identity management, channel banking, digital banking platform and business automation domains.

Avanza Solutions and Redrackx partner to provide global cloud ready solutions 1

Redrackx is the latest venture of REDtone, one of Pakistan’s most reliable telecom service providers, who have stepped into the digital transformation space.

This unique multi- country cloud offering is critical to cloud adoption in Pakistan which will change the entire digital landscape of the country.

Utilizing its existing global presence, they plan to expand their partnerships towards international markets.

Speaking at the occasion of the signing, Ms. Mahnoor Nadeem, Group Vice President, REDtone said, “At REDtone it is our mission to enable Pakistan to grow digitally and go global.

To become a nation that is at par with international competition, we need to enable it with the right infrastructure. Redrackx is built with growth in mind and aims to take the Pakistan digital landscape to a completely new level.”

Adding to her statement, Mr. Nadeem Yunus, Group President & Chairman, REDtone said, “Our scalable deployment strategy helps us partner with the right players and offer cloud on their terms.

As a truly global cloud player with 11 plus datacenter locations, we can help our customers move their applications & data to multiple international locations such as Los Angeles, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai etc. and with our infrastructure in Karachi, we are truly-local.”

Also speaking, Mr. Mahmood Kapurwala, Chief Executive Officer, Avanza Group said, “We share a successful history of partnerships and cooperation with the REDtone group, and are proud to have partnered for their latest venture, Redrackx. Our customers across the globe are now, more than ever, looking for cloud-ready solutions.

With Redrackx, we have found an international cloud partner that can offer us public, private (on premises) and software only cloud solutions which can address customer queries on-the-fly.”

Both Avanza Solutions and Redrackx will now be in a position to cater to virtualization and SaaS based demands of the Pakistan and international market.

This is the first time a multi-country cloud service provider has stepped into the Pakistan market and it looks like a very good step towards establishing Pakistan as a key digital player internationally.

Founded in 2017, REDtone Digital Services (RDS) RDS is a one-stop telecommunication, infrastructure, and digital solutions provider.

Avanza Group of Companies – a 20 year old technology powerhouse that contributes to a range of industries, with its state-of-the-art products, that include advanced channel banking applications, customer experience management solutions, Blockchain, AI, and Smart City applications.

Avanza serves 350+ customers in more than 45 countries, with over 500+ deployments processing with 35 million transactions on 9000 terminals each day.

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