EQTEC plc is a world leading gasification technology partner with proven proprietary patented technology for cost effective waste-to-value applications.

EQTEC designs and supplies advanced gasification solutions that have a higher efficiency product offering and are modular and scalable from 1MW to 25MW. EQTEC’s solutions are independently proven to process over 50 different types of feedstock, including municipal waste, agricultural waste, biomass and plastics with no hazardous waste or toxic emissions.

EQTEC’s solutions produce a uniquely pure high-quality synthesis gas (syngas), that is capable of being used for the widest applications in the creation of energy, hydrogen and biofuels.

Proprietary technology design together with deployment and maintenance capabilities mitigate the risks when using third party equipment. EQTEC’s Technology Integration capabilities enable the Group to lead collaborative ecosystems that build sustainable, waste elimination and green energy infrastructure.

The Company is quoted on AIM (ticker: EQT) and the London Stock Exchange awarded EQTEC the Green Economy Mark that recognises listed companies with 50% or more of revenues from environmental/green solutions.


EQTEC Plc has signed agreement for a plant in California

EQTEC plc announces sale of France Market Development Centre to Idex

EQTEC Plc announces formal launch of EQTEC business in France

EQTEC plc agrees to acquire waste-to-energy project in Greece

EQTEC Plc to acquire the waste gasification and power plant site at Billingham, UK

EQTEC plc to acquire Deeside Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) project from Logik

Jeff Vander Linden appointed COO of EQTEC plc

EQTEC and CompactGTL team up to turn waste into fuel

EQTEC and Tresca Energía team up for biomass-to-value projects in Spain

EQTEC’s Mixed feedstock Market Development Centre approved by French government

EQTEC announces acquisition and commissioning of waste-to-energy plant in Italy

MetalNRG and EQTEC to jointly develop sustainable green energy projects

EQTEC announces MoU with Nobilis Pro Energy of Greece, partnership with ewerGy GmbH of Germany

EQTEC signs collaboration agreement with Carbon Sole Group

EQTEC signs MOU for the development of first advanced gasification plant in Greece

EQTEC achieves financial close on its biomass power plant

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