Adacel Technologies Limited

Adacel Technologies Limited ASX: ADA is a global technology company that develops and implements air traffic management systems as well as air traffic control simulation and training solutions.

 The company was established in 1987. Its major customers include Federal Aviation Administration, United States Air Force, United States Department of Defense, civil air navigation service providers such as HungroControl, AustroControl, AirServices Australia, NAV Portugal, Fiji Airports, DSNA France as well as military organizations around the world.

The company’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) and International Simulation & Training business is located in Montreal, Quebec. US Simulation & Training, along with customer support is located in Orlando, Florida. The company also maintains an office in Melbourne, Australia.

The two main systems Adacel markets are: The Aurora Air Traffic Management System and MaxSim Air Traffic Management Simulation and Training. Other products the company makes include AeroDrive – Airport Driving Simulator, Lexix speech recognition technology, ICE – Intelligent Communications Environment and others.

The Aurora Air Traffic Management System is used to manage over 21% of the world’s airspace, including airspaces controlled by Iceland, Norway, France, Portugal, Fiji, New Zealand and the United States. Aurora supports oceanic, en route, approach and tower control and features advanced flight and surveillance data processing, advanced conflict prediction, clearance processing, coordination capabilities as well as electronic flight strips.

With over 370 installations over the world, MaxSim Air Traffic Control Simulation and Training can be scaled from a 360 -degree display to a mobile solution.[buzzword] MaxSim features Lexix – Adacel’s proprietary speech recognition technology. Its lessons can be customized and the system is supported by Adacel’s support team in Orlando, Florida.  

Founded:            1987

Headquarters:   Melbourne, Australia


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