was a pan-Asia online hotel and travel agency. It was supported by a network of operation and customer services offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and UAE. It began as a hotel reservation service, and later expanded into a provider of other travel reservation services including flights, tours and hotels. The company offered discounted airfares for all major airlines, which could be booked on an instant confirmation basis.

Asia Travel is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2001, but trading on its symbol was suspended as of July 2018. It established a B2B division consisting of and Savio-Staff-Travel, which serviced the hospitality industry and corporate sectors.

Industry:              Online Travel Reservation

Founded:            1995; Defunct:   October 2018

Headquarters:   Singapore


  • Online Hotel Reservation
  • Online Flight Reservation
  • Online Holiday Packages


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