Vection Technologies launches ‘Trainer Creator’ real-time software

Vection Technologies launches ‘Trainer Creator’ real-time software
The launch of Trainer Creator is aligned with the Company’s stated strategy of launching new products and third-parties’ software integrations towards its objective of building a 360° productsuite.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Vection Technologies has launched ‘Trainer Creator’ together with its first partner client, V-Shapes. Trainer Creator is an innovative proprietary real-time Augmented Reality (AR) maintenance and repair software solution to assist service technicians to deliver more accurate, faster and safer repairs.

Trainer Creator is a crucial real-time solution delivering additional real-time information for the maintenance of packaging machines in AR: via an AR wearable or a smart device, service technicians visualise the required task-specific and configuration-specific information superimposed on the machine in front of them.

“Trainer Creator” enables the autonomous creation of task-specific animations through 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) files. The transformation of these same 3D CAD files into sequences and animations for AR maintenance purposes enables significant efficiencies and cost savings for companies globally.

V-Shapes is a fast-growing company specialised in production of industrial machineries to realise innovative single-portion packets that need just three fingers to open. V-Shapes represents the first strategic partner client of Trainer Creator, having subscribed for one initial licence for a $50,0001 establishment fee and $4,9001 annual subscription thereon, reinforcing the Company’s evolution towards a recurring SaaS revenue model.

The launch of “Trainer Creator” is aligned with Vection Technologies’ strategy of paid co-development of new software solutions by Tier-1 companies, and results from the paid collaboration by GD, the world leading supplier of high-tech machinery for packing and special products.

The adoption of this SaaS solution by V-Shapes reinforces the validity of the Company’s Tier-1co-development and direct commercialisation strategy of its real-time software suite for Industry during this uncertain time.

Vection Technologies will now focus on the activation of its strong distribution footprint to drive adoption of the Trainer Creator real-time software on a subscription model, globally.

Christian Burattini, Chief Executive Officer of V-Shapes, commented: “The Trainer Creator real-time software will enable us to achieve our productivity and customer satisfaction objectives around the world. We are convinced that Vection Technologies represents the ideal partner to embark on the Industry 4.0 digitalisation journey, providing us with the key adjacent real-time software assisting us in the pre- and post-sales delivery of our innovative patented one-hand packaging systems globally.

Gianmarco Biagi, Managing Director of Vection Technologies, commented:“The Trainer Creator real-time software is yet another example of Vection Technologies delivering on its strategy to build a 360° real-time software suite for Industry 4.0.We are pleased to have launched this new software solution with V-Shapes as a first client, bringing our disruptive real-time technology to a leading innovative industrial company. As we progress our overarching growth strategy, we remain committed to the long term success of the Company during and following this uncertain time.”

Vection Technologies is a multinational software company that focuses on real-time technologies for industrial companies’ digital transformation.

V-Shapes is a fast-growing specialty manufacturer of industrial machinery for the production of single-portion packets that need just three fingers to open. V-Shapes specialises in innovative solutions for the packaging world.

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