Sunshine State Tea begins roll out of CBD & Vitamin infused teas

The Sunshine State Tea online store website is live.

VANCOUVER: Redfund Capital Corp. announced that its portfolio client Sunshine State Tea will begin manufacturing its lineup of CBD & vitamin infused teas as Washington State reopens.

Although still in a cautious stage of restarting, three more Washington state counties last week received approval to move into the next phase of the state’s Safe Start Plan. In the interim, Sunshine launched an 80% ethanol liquid sanitizer FDA approved under the Covid-19 policy for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Plus, recently Sunshine received FDA approval for its gel sanitizer manufactured by Intercontinental Hemp.

Sunshine’s offering of herbal and black teas “to nutritionally engineer bodies and minds for optimal function and performance” begins its roll out this week. Sunshine State Tea is introducing a substantial lineup of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas that have been infused with either high quality hemp CBD or vitamin D.

Sunshine teas have third party analysis and the production facilities are state-of-theart and owned by seasoned professionals at Intercontinental Hemp based in Washington State. Black tea caffeinated flavors include coconut Thai, earl grey, blackberry leaf and fruit n’flower. The herbal tea decaffeinated blends consist of hibiscus rose, tropic fruit, mocha chicory and citrus greens.

Redfund is ramping up efforts to expand its Global Wellness Partnerships worldwide. The $52 billion USD Global tea market along with the $86 Million USD CBD infused beverage industry have seen steady growth and are more popular than ever. ( Zenith Global)

Meris Kott CEO commented, “Global Wellness initiatives are important to Redfund and we are focused on building value for our portfolio clients and helping them increase their revenues”.

The Company further notes that Amanda de Freitas has resigned from her position on the Board of Directors effective June 23, 2020.

Redfund partners with first mover, high growth companies, and provides them with access to capital, resources, and infrastructure. The present focus of the merchant bank is on global wellness, hemp and CBD-related, healthcare-related target companies.

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