Sitka Gold mobilizes crew and equipment for drill program at its Alpha Gold Property in Nevada

VANCOUVER: Sitka Gold Corp. has begun mobilizing crew and equipment in preparation for the upcoming drill program at its Alpha Gold Property located in Nevada’s prolific Carlin District where the projection of the Cortez Gold trend intersects with the Garden Valley Anticline.

Permits for a 12-hole drill program have been secured to test a Carlin-type gold deposit target where the prime Late Devonian carbonate host horizon is believed to be preserved at a minable depth at the contact between the Webb formation and the Devil’s Gate formation.

The Webb-Devil’s Gate contact zone hosts McEwen Mining’s Gold Bar deposit, located nearby on a parallel anticlinal trend, and is considered the most favourable host for gold mineralization in the Roberts Mountains. McEwen Mining recently began commercial production at the Gold Bar deposit.

The target area at Alpha Gold has never been drilled and Sitka has secured DrillRite LLC, an experienced and highly regarded exploration drill contractor based in Elko, Nevada, to carry out its drilling program at the Property.

Cor Coe, chief executive officer of Sitka, commented, “We are very pleased to announce the mobilization of crew and equipment to the Alpha Gold Property. Alpha Gold presents an exciting target in the heart of Nevada’s Carlin District. The Property is ideally positioned at the intersection of the Garden Valley Anticline and the projection of the Cortez Gold Trend which hosts over 50 million ounces of gold including the Pipeline, Cortez Hills and Goldrush mega gold deposits. We are eager to get the drill turning and the results compiled from this maiden drill program at Alpha Gold.”

Sitka Gold has acquired a 100% interest in the Alpha Gold Property, located along the southeast projection of the prolific Cortez Gold Trend in Eureka County, approximately 135 kilometres southwest of Elko, Nevada.

Sitka Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration company headquartered in Canada and managed by a team of experienced mining industry professionals. The Company is focused on exploring for economically viable mineral deposits with its primary emphasis on gold, silver and copper mineral properties of merit. Sitka currently has an option to acquire a 100% interest in the RC Gold property in the Yukon and the Burro Creek Gold property in Arizona.

Sitka owns a 100% interest in its Alpha Gold property in Nevada, its Mahtin Gold property in the Yukon and its Coppermine River project in Nunavut. Directors and Management own approximately 20% of the outstanding shares of Sitka Gold Corp., a solid indication of their alignment with shareholders’ interests.

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