PKS Holdings completes Pavilion Health acquisition

PKS Holdings completes Pavilion Health acquisition 1
Pavilion Health works with healthcare providers and players to improve the accuracy and timelines of their patient-level data, using its suite of products, analytics and specialist insights.

PERTH: PKS Holdings Limited has today completed the acquisition of Pavilion Health, an Australian healthcare technology solutions and services provider.

PKS’s Chief Executive Officer Ron van der Pluijm, said: “We are pleased to bring Pavilion on as part of the team and we are looking forward to working together. A combined team of PKS and Pavilion staff members has been established and is fully focused on integration to deliver the full synergies for shareholders. A 100-day plan has been developed and this plan is currently being implemented with a specific focus on commercialisation and the combined product roadmap.”

As consideration for the acquisition and approved by shareholders at the General Meeting, PKS has issued 64,812,564 shares of which 32,406,285 shares will be subject to a 12 month period of voluntary escrow and 32,406,279 shares will be subject to a 24 month period of voluntary escrow.

PKS Holdings is an Australian Healthcare company that works with health organisations around the world to better capture, manage and leverage their human expertise to improve the performance of their business and deliver better patient outcomes; reduce medical errors; deliver greater operational efficiencies; improve productivity; and deliver significant cost savings.

Pavilion Health is a profitable, high-growth and scalable health data products business that builds and leverages its cloud-based, Software-as-a-service technology.


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