NetCents Technology hires Pat Albright as SVP Strategic Development

VANCOUVER: NetCents Technology Inc., a disruptive cryptocurrency payments technology solutions provider, has appointed Pat Albright as Senior Vice President of Strategic Development.

Mr. Albright previously served as Marketing and Business Senior Vice President at Moneris Solutions – the largest payment processor in Canada – processing 3 billion transactions annually. Mr. Albright also served as Managing Director and Executive Vice President at Nelnet Transaction Solutions a NYSE listed, US based, payment services company.

Mr. Albright’s responsibilities at NetCents will focus on extending the success of the current growth initiatives. He will be focused on continuing the 40% growth rate on crypto transactions, as well as the launch and distribution of the Visa powered NetCents card product.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team here at NetCents,” stated Pat Albright, SVP Strategic Development, NetCents Technology. “I always say you are lucky to ‘capture lightning in a bottle’ once in a lifetime in business. With NetCents, I am working with a top-tier team that has caught that lightning and am looking forward to leveraging my network and years of payment experience to help accelerate NetCents’ growth trajectory.”

Mr. Albright has achieved major milestones during his career – within Fortune 250 companies as well as with early stage ventures.

“I think investors will find that our hiring someone of Mr. Albright’s caliber and experience, and tasking him with achieving our lofty growth expectations will be a prescient move,” Stated Clayton Moore, CEO NetCents.

“We are now managing the development and growth of many revenue streams, and they each deserve significant attention as they are all massive opportunities, we are focused on being pro-active on these business lines and not reactive, and Mr. Albright will bring the rigor and experience we need to foresee any growth and scaling issues caused by a rapidly expanding user base across many business verticals. I look forward to working with him,” concluded Mr. Moore.

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