CopterPIX PRO to purchase additional Halo units for integration with their drone platforms

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Elsight Limited, developer of advanced communication technologies, broadened a Proof-of-Concept (POC) field trial with autonomous drone manufacturer and innovator CopterPIX PRO.

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Following one month of intensive and successful POC test flights with using Halo, CopterPIX PRO has elected to expand the ongoing Halo POC and purchase an additional 6 Halo units for integration with their drone platforms.

The expansion of the POC comes after CopterPIX PRO won an IDF tender for tactical drone operations.

Within the framework of winning the tender, the expanded POC will enable CopterPIX PRO to conduct BVLOS drone flights on a much wider scale and will pave the way towards the integration of their solution within the IDF as the latter continues to transition to a greater emphasis on autonomous and robotic warfare.

Following the expansion of the POC, Nir Gabay, Elsight CEO said: “We are very excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with CopterPIX PRO and are thrilled that they have selected Halo as their drone connectivity solution. We look forward to continuing to deepen our partnership moving forward as we set our sightson additional BVLOS drone flight milestones.”

Alon Svirsky, CEO of CopterPIX PRO said: “After a highly successful month of test flights using Halo, we have reached the conclusion that Elsight’s unique solutions simply do not exist elsewhere in the market. We are excited to announce the deepening of our partnership with Elsight and the expansion of the ongoing Halo POC, and we look forward to expanding the integration of Elsight’s cutting-edge technology across our platforms as we maintain our focus on making BVLOS drone operations a widespread reality. I have no doubt that with Elsight’s technology integrated within our platforms we will succeed in doing so, both in Israel and around the world.”

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