Elsight gets order for 50 Halo units from Israel Aerospace Industries

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Elsight has concluded a large-scale Proof-of-Concept (POC) field trial with Israel’s largest defence, aerospace, robotics, and aviation manufacturer, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

An initial purchase order for 50 Halo units has been placed with the Company following the wide-ranging POC. The trial’s goal was to fine tune the technology in field trial conditions. This extended trial of Halo was required as it had already been selected as the leading component of the IAI communications solution for their robotics division (IAI/ELTA), as well as for other relevant product lines.

IAI is an existing Elsight customer, and this development marks a new phase in the relationship between the two companies.

Nir Gabay, Elsight CEO said:”We are very excited by this opportunity to provide a strategic component that will improve and enhance IAI’s product offering. Not only does this opportunity provide us with an ideal application to demonstrate the unique strengths of the Halo platform, it also gives us the chance to continue cultivating our relationship with an invaluable and strategic partner into the future.”

Meir Shabtai, Head of Robotics and Autonomous Systems Division, IAI/ELTA said:“After conducting tests on Elsight’s products over the course of a number of months, we have concluded that Elsight offers unique solutions that simply do not exist elsewhere. We at IAI/ELTA are thrilled to join forces with Elsight using their Halo device for our robotics and unmanned vehicles, and we intend to enhance the integration with Elsight’s communications solutions in an even wider range of our products moving forward.”

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