Second Commercial sale of RZTO technology secured to Israeli cannabis grower

Second Commercial sale of RZTO technology secured to Israeli cannabis grower 1SYDNEY: Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited has secured a $36K AUD sale on top of previous order of $47K AUD for its Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) technology, from Barlev agricultural crops ltd (Barlev), a prominent Israeli medical cannabis producer.

The order was secured following a successful fully commercial, RZTO technology installation on the grower’s farm in Israel. RZTO technology optimises plant physiology for increased growth, productivity and quality by stabilising the plant’s root zone temperature year around.

Optimal root zone temperature is known to be the most influential parameter in a plant’s physiology besides water. Growing cannabis poses a unique set of challenges for growers, due to multiple stages of growth and special conditions required. Root’s RZTO technology can mitigate these challenges by providing a stable temperature during any season and growth stage to ensure supply stability and greater plant standardization.

As part of the follow-on order, Roots installed its unique RZTO technology across additional of 1,500 square metres in one of Barlev’s greenhouses in Israel. Roots is hopeful that additional orders from Barlev will follow as it continues to expand its growing facilities in the coming months. The sale provides further validation of the RZTO technology and builds on the Company’s ongoing push into the global cannabis sector.

Roots has made considerable progress in recent weeks and is confident that more revenue generating opportunities will materialise very soon.

Roots Executive Chairman and CEO, Boaz Wachtel said: “The second commercial sale expansion sale of our RZTO technology is the ultimate validation of its effectiveness with crop growers. We look forward to delivering measurable commercial benefits for Barlev and other growers.

“This purchase order also supports Roots increased visibility in the Israeli and International cannabis sector, as well as at the broader agribusiness market.

“The Company has a strong sales pipeline building and is confident that additional revenue generating opportunities will materialise shortly.”

Edited by Nayyar Iqbal

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