Tclarke signs exclusive deal with smart building services provider Gooee

Tclarke signs exclusive deal with smart building services provider Gooee 1LONDON: TClarke plc, the Building Services Group, has signed a 5 year UK exclusive agreement with Gooee to sell, install and maintain the revolutionary Gooee suite of smart building products.

As part of this agreement, TClarke has made a small but strategic investment in Gooee.

Gooee is an interoperable, smart buildings solution that connects and controls a building. This allows owners and users to unify all building controls, using remote engineering and data analytics to provide a real-time, ‘single-pane’ view and control of the building and its systems.

Gooee is ideally suited for new or retrofit installations delivering practical benefits in a user-friendly format for building owners, managers and users.

Gooee enables the energy efficiency of any building to be optimised, resulting in:

  • reduced energy consumption and operational cost;
  • reduced carbon footprint;
  • enabling organisations to meet their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments; and
  • an improved return on investment for building owners.

The Government’s Committee on Climate Change has said that if the UK’s target to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is to be achieved all new buildings will need to be net-zero carbon within a decade. In support of this, a new initiative by the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) has seen 23 of the UK’s leading commercial property owners sign up to a commitment to tackle the growing risks of climate change through the delivery of net-zero carbon real estate portfolios. Gooee’s products are ideally positioned to assist building owners in meeting these challenges.

This strategic partnership will provide TClarke with both initial revenues from the sale and installation of the products and a share of ongoing recurring revenue streams from subscription services as well as supporting and adding value to all of its existing markets.

In addition, Gooee provides the opportunity for TClarke to become an intelligent FM provider which will further enhance its recurring revenue stream.

Mark Lawrence, CEO, commented: “We are excited about the very significant potential of the Gooee technology. Gooee allows building owners to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, it is ready to scale in the UK and other markets. We look forward to working together with the Gooee team to transform building performance.”

Neil Salt, Gooee Managing Director & Co-Founder, commented; “Buildings need to lower their impact on the environment and adapt for the future; they contribute 40% of global energy demand and 40% in CO2 global emissions. ‘Bringing Buildings to Life’, Gooee’s revolutionary PropTech platform delivers efficient and sustainable smart built environments, contributing to environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals for businesses. The TClarke partnership gives us an accelerated route to market at scale.”

Edited by Nayyar Iqbal

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