IDEX Biometrics extends patent coverage for on-card enrollment in Germany and USA

IDEX Biometrics extends patent coverage for on-card enrollment in Germany and USA 1OSLO: IDEX Biometrics ASA, a leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, has significantly expanded its patent coverage for on-card biometric enrollment solutions with the grant of a new patent in the USA and registration of a utility model patent in Germany.

On-card enrollment solutions permit cardholders to enroll a template image of their finger onto a biometric card in their own home. Throughout the enrollment process, the card is not connected to any other device or network.

There is no need to visit a bank, involve another device, utilize additional applications, use wireless pairing and there are no compatibility problems for the user to worry about. IDEX’s invention is a cost-effective, unique, simple and practical solution that is preferred by leading customers and partners over alternative connected enrollment methods.

IDEX’s two newest patents are related to on-card enrollment patents already granted to IDEX by the United States, Australian and UK Patent Offices during 2019. Building on the foundational principles set out in those existing patents, the new US and German patents include alternative concepts for on-card enrollment solutions, such as a stick-on power source which is temporarily adhered on the front of the card to provide power during enrollment.

Once enrollment is complete, the user simply peels off the disposable overlay, and the card is ready for use.

IDEX’s on-card enrollment solutions have been licensed to leading payment card manufacturers.

Stan Swearingen, CEO of IDEX commented, “On-card enrollment solutions are the de-facto standard for biometric smart card enrollment worldwide and we continue to expand our patent coverage in key geographies.”

Edited by Nayyar Iqbal

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