AppsVillage launching online store enabling mobile apps marketplace for SMBs

AppsVillage launching online store enabling mobile apps marketplace for SMBs 1SYDNEY: AppsVillage Australia Ltd, a SaaS solutions provider for small and medium businesses (SMBs), has expanded its operations with the beta launch of the SMB app store and marketplace, branded the AppsVillage Store, to drive online exposure and promote SMBs and generate further revenues for AppsVillage.

The AppsVillage Store is accessible via, specifically designed to promote, boost and grow SMBs currently utilising the Company’s app auto creation.

The Store will have two parts, Apps Downloads and Marketplace:

Apps Downloads: All apps created via the AppsVillage platform will automatically be made available for download via the App Downloads section, driving exposure for the SMBs and increasing AppsVillage’s competitive advantage.

As part of the offering, SMBs will also be able to upgrade their subscription to access additional functionality including appearing on the Featured SMBs page, increasing their App’s audience reach and visibility on the web.

Marketplace: The Marketplace is an online platform allowing SMBs to promote their services and provide discounts, deals and coupons to customers. Customers will be able to search for a service in a specific location and access the range of deals and offers from APV’s SMBs. The end customer is not required to download the SMB’ s app in order to claim the deal.

The Marketplace will also incorporate a payment solution for the end customer to purchase products and services directly from the Marketplace and AppsVillage will take a percentage commission on all sales generated via its marketplace platform.

The Company will be implementing a targeted marketing strategy to rapidly grow the number of SMB subscriptions and subscription upgrades, in turn delivering continuously growing revenues for APV. Focusing Growth The launch of the AppsVillage Store demonstrates the Company’s commitment to delivering on its growth strategy, becoming a global SMB marketing platform with a suite of SaaS products and continuously growing revenues.

The AppsVillage Store is expected to be fully launched during HI, following the completion of the beta optimization process.

Max Bluvband, Founder and CEO comments: “The launch of this new platform puts AppsVillage ahead of the competition and offering in the SMB sector. We are working to grow into a leading global player within the SMB sector and are developing a suite of SMB focused products and services to grow our footprint and deliver stronger revenues.”

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