FinTech application shows potential to achieve cost saving efficiencies

FinTech application

HONG KONG: Credit Intelligence Limited announced that the smart phone application launched  earlier  this  year by its  operating  subsidiary Hong  Kong  Debt Management Services (HKDMS) is demonstrating cost saving efficiencies and an improved  experience.

The application provides for an ability for  s to discreetly book appointments online, overcoming potential stigmas and hurdles associated with addressing their personal stressful financial situation; enabling completion of information forms online, rather than in person, and the ability to speak with HKDMS consultants remotely; HKDMS being able to readily monitor customer profiles,  repayment  plans,  verify income   statements,   and communicate   directly   with  s, providing   greater efficiencies for the Company in the future; the application is currently available in Chinese in both Android and IOS with English to follow; and the  issuing  of reminders  to  ensure   s  remain  on  top  of repayments  and  other requirements while being case managed on the system.

Credit  Intelligence  CEO  Jimmie  Wong  commented, “The  improved  customer  experience  and operational efficiencies from this FinTech application are pleasing as the business experiences further growth in Hong  Kong and allows  us  to  look  at  expanding  this  business  in  other jurisdictions with a cost effective business model.”

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