Tinkoff GDRs included in MOEX Russia indices from next month

LIMASSOL: TCS Group Holding, Russia’s leading provider of online financial and lifestyle services via its Tinkoff ecosystem, announced that its depositary receipts (GDRs) will be included in MOEX Russia indices starting December 2019.

The securities will be included in the MOEX Russia Index and the RTS Russia Index from 20 December 2019, according to Moscow Exchange, which announced today the results of its quarterly review of MOEX indices. Tinkoff GDRs began trading on Moscow Exchange on 28 October 2019.

Larisa Chernysheva, Head of IR at Tinkoff, commented: “We are very happy that TCS Group’s GDRs will be included in the MOEX Russia Index and RTS Index. This is a result of hard work by our whole team since the Index includes the most liquid shares of the largest and fastest developing Russian issuers whose work lies in the main sectors of the economy. This inclusion in the indices will further support the liquidity of our GDRs.”

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