Cleaning Robot CL02 installed in Haneda Airport and Narita Airport

TOKYO: Next Generation Cleaning Robot CL02 developed by CYBERDYNE, INC. was installed in Haneda Airport and Narita Airport for practical use.

For cleaning duties in airport, wide areas must be covered. However, one of the key challenges was coming up with ways to maintain the quality of the cleaning while taking countermeasures to lack of personnel caused by the decreasing number of working populations.

The Company’s Cleaning Robot CL02 was tested at Haneda Airport for approximately one year and it was also used for trials at Narita Airport. The Robot was rated highly for its ability to navigate on its own and its ability of dust vacuuming. As the robot cleared the criteria on both performance and safety, Cleaning Robot CL02 was selected to be the only robot adopted by both Narita Airport and Haneda Airport for practical use.

Narita Airport newly installed 10 units of Cleaning Robot CL02 and Haneda Airport newly installed 4 units (total of 5 in operation) of the same kind. Cleaning Robot CL02 was mainly installed for vacuuming the floor surface and it will be assigned to clean the carpet area within the Airport.

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