Science in Sport launches plant protein range

LONDON: Science in Sport (SIS) has announced the launch of SiS’ PLANT20, a high-protein range of plant-based protein bars and powders.

SIS is the premium performance nutrition company serving elite athletes, sports enthusiasts and the gym lifestyle community.

 The range includes the PLANT20 Bar, which has 20g of pea, soya and almond protein, and PLANT20 Powder, comprising pea, pumpkin and soya protein. Both the bar and powder offer a complete amino acid profile, are low in sugar and are available in three flavours.

The novel plant protein formulations in PLANT20 are the result of a joint development project with the gym lifestyle brand PhD, which was acquired by Science in Sport in December last year. PhD has used the protein formulations in its vegan Smart Bar Plant, which was launched three months ago and has rapidly become the brand’s third best-selling product line.

SiS’ PLANT20 range, accredited under the Informed Sport certification scheme, was developed with SiS’ elite partners and athletes, including British Cycling, Team INEOS and Manchester United. The range is designed to support muscle recovery and rebuild after exercise and to provide daily protein intake.

The PLANT20 Bar has the convenience of being ready to eat at any time whilst the PLANT20 Powder, which contains 3g of the amino acid leucine per 20g serving, can be used in a shake or in cooking and baking.

The PLANT20 range has just been launched and is currently available online at the websites and Demand for PLANT20 is expected to come from vegan, vegetarian and clean-eating athletes along with the growing numbers of flexitarian and environment-concious consumers.

SiS already offers a wide range of vegan products including the brand’s GO Electrolyte powder, GO Energy powder, Hydro and GO Isotonic Energy gels.

Stephen Moon, Science in Sport’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The innovative, plant-based protein formulations in SiS’ PLANT20 and in PhD’s Smart Bar Plant are a great example of the Company’s PhD and SiS brands working together to create a proposition that can be shared by both brands and developed into differentiated products for their respective target markets.

“The importance of protein has often been underestimated by athletes and it is particularly relevant to vegans. Plant20 complements the large number of vegan hydration and energy products that our SiS brand already offers and we expect the combination of great taste, high protein and low sugar to be appreciated by all sportspeople whether vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or environmentally aware.”

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