Capella Space signs agreement with Addvalue for use of its IDRS

SAN FRANCISCO: Capella Space has entered into an agreement with Addvalue for use of its Inter-Satellite Data Relay System (IDRS) via Inmarsat’s global L-Band satellite communications network, release issued to Singapore Exchange (SGX) noted..

Capella is an information services company that provides Earth observation data on demand. Addvalue is a one-stop digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products innovator.

The Inmarsat network provides satellite uplink and downlink services, which enable Capella to task any satellite in its constellation in any location in the world in real-time. Through its agreement with Addvalue, Capella will have a significant market lead, being the only Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) provider with real-time tasking capability.

This unique partnership will position Capella as the only SAR operator capable of real-time responsiveness. Lightweight Addvalue terminals on Capella satellites will drastically reduce the time required to order and deliver high-resolution imagery from anywhere in the world.

 “In a world where you can send an email in seconds, it should not take up to eight hours to task a satellite and receive the data. This bottleneck doesn’t meet today’s business standards,” said Payam Banazadeh, CEO and Founder of Capella Space.

“Capella is committed to transforming how Earth imaging companies do business by delivering the most timely, reliable and flexible access to global insights. With our access to the largest network of ground station operators via AWS Ground Station, deploying our data directly into the cloud, and this partnership with Addvalue and Inmarsat to offer real-time tasking and image relay, our Capella customers will enjoy the fastest reactivity in the market.”

“The unrivaled communications capability of IDRS will significantly improve the operational efficiency of Capella’s multi-satellite constellation,” said Dr. Colin Chan, Chairman and CEO of Addvalue.

“This contract reaffirms the unique value of IDRS™, and we strongly believe IDRS will continue to disrupt the way future commercial, governmental as well as research low Earth orbit satellite constellations are operated. We are fully committed to ensuring its successful delivery as we continue to grow our IDRS™ customer base.”

“Inmarsat has been leading the world in mobile satellite communications for 40 years. Our reliability across air, land and sea has been proven across multiple satellite fleet generations and we are delighted to be delivering this same reliable service to help operators such as Capella manage their spacecraft in real time. Access to Inmarsat’s global network provides Capella with a unique proposition in terms of both service delivery and fleet management,” said Todd McDonell, President of Global Government at Inmarsat.

“This adoption of IDRS technology shows that Capella are leading the way in delivering timely and reliable Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery, providing substantial value to a broad range of commercial and government organizations around the world.”

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